Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bubblegum :)

 Wearing my favorite vintage pearl necklaces...and I don't remember where I got this belt lol!  I think it was a gift.

 I was at home bored with the hubby so I decided to snap a few pictures of what I was wearing today. Don't ask me why but I just love to dress up, even if I'm just at home. :)
 I took pictures with my pup, Sophie :) I think she's a good model!

 I'm in love with these shoes! I joined a shoe club and I got these for $39.99. They are so feminine and pretty! Not so comfortable to walk for long periods of time but enough to show them off. I like how they sparkle in the sun!


  1. I love your shoes! Theyre so cute :)
    Looking to reading more of your blogs!