Monday, April 2, 2012

Pink cardigan

Went out to eat to corvette diner with the hubby, and took advantage of the nice weather outside to take a few pics before we went in. This past weekend we had amazing weather here in cali, I wish it was like that all the time. Anyway I got this amazing cardigan at buffalo exchange for $13! it was brand new too lol! I love the detailed rhinestones on the sides! so pretty :) As you may see in the last picture it might seem like I'm a fatty lol! I love to eat haha and the shakes in this place were amazing!! After leaving the restaurant I was soo full I didn't want to see food anymore lol!
Hope everyone has a good week :)


  1. Great photos, I love the sequin details on your cardigan :)


    Tamara B.

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  2. wow, Carolina! I'm realizing how wonderful can be a colored cardigan in a outfit! BTW, I loved the color on your lips and you are wearing the jeans that I'm looking for!